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Nozzr Nose Budz

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  • Increase bioavailability.
  • Dosing with predictable onset and effects.
  • Offer potential for mood enhancement, pain relief.
  • Relief from seasonal allergies, chronic sinusitis.
  • Natural inhaled breath via your nostrils.
  • Nose to brain connection for rapid effects.
  • Untapped product development


“Method of Plant Based Inhalation for the Treatment of Respiratory Viruses”, Sept 2021.

“Novel Nasal Adapter for Use with Aerosol and Vapor Delivery Devices”, Sept 2022.

Nasal Inhalation

  • Reduces cough.
  • Can be used after dental procedures.
  • Natural method of breathing in.
  • Less effort required to draw in breath than via mouth.
$8.99 / unit
10 Unit Case Size
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