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Abide - CBG Infused Preroll Variety Pack

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Abide's CBG Infused Pre-Roll Variety Pack is a variety pack with 3 x 0.5g CBG kief infused pre-rolls. Each pre-roll is infused with CBG kief resulting in 5% CBG per pre-roll. The first pre-roll is THC dominant with CBG (target of 17-18%THC + 5% CBG), the second is CBD dominant with CBG (target of 10-11% CBD + 5% CBG) and the third is a 1:1 balance of THC:CBD with CBG (target of 7% THC, 7% CBD + 5% CBG). All pre-rolls are wrapped in unbleached hemp paper and packaged in an eco-friendly recyclable cardboard box.

$9.97 / unit
12 Unit Case Size
$119.64 Total


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